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Submit a lesson or assignment

If you teach about language or linguistics and you've got a lesson, assignment, assessment, or project that you think would help other teachers, please submit it and I'll put it up on my website! It needs to have a URL, so a Google doc or slide works well for this. A note in the form about how you use this resource, the subject or grade level it's designed for, etc., is a big help! Please make sure that you're submitting your own work (or that you give credit to the original source). This resource belongs to you and I won't do anything with it without your permission.


Unless you tell me not to, I will publish your name with your submission. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please make sure your name / identifying information does not appear on your work.  

For questions, comments, or suggestions, please use the contact me form instead.

Contribute your lessons & assignments
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