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Popular Nonfiction Books about Linguistics

how you say it.jpg
don't believe a word.jpg
five minute linguist.jpg
land of invented languages.jpg
art of language invention.jpg
you're wearing that.jpg
that's not what I meant.jpg
language of food.jpg
don't sleep there are snakes.jpg
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highly irregular.jpg

Check out these nonfiction books about linguistics! They're fun and readable but don't require a linguistics degree to understand. There's something for everyone, no matter what you're interested in.

Because internet.jpg
articulate while black.jpg
word by word.jpg

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YA Fiction & Memoir About Language and Linguistics

firekeeper's daughter.jpg
code talker.jpg
Born a crime.webp
born a crime ya.webp
girl in translation.jpg
wild light.webp
butterfly yellow.jpg
love in english.webp

These books are fiction or memoir, but all of them deal with language or linguistic identity. As you read, you might think about how characters' identities are connected to their language, or what beliefs about language are represented in the book. It's also interesting to see how authors represent different languages or dialects in writing!

true biz.jpg
darius the great.jpg
the hate u give.jpg
concrete rose.webp
silence between us.jpg
alphonso jones.webp
show me a sign.jpg
my broken language.webp
front desk.jpg

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TED Talks

Web Series, Videos, & YouTube Channels

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Websites & Other Resources

Learning about linguistics


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Podcasts about Linguistics and Language

There are so many great linguistics podcasts out there!

vocal fries.jpg
because language.jpg
unstandardized english.jpg
history of english.jpg
way with words.png
spectacular vernacular.webp
that's what they say.png
tongue unbroken.png

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